Is there a word you just like to say? Maybe “beautiful” or “chocolate”. These words are nice to say because they have positive meanings. This had me reflect on all the negative words out there. Negative words like “ugly” or “failure”. But thinking about these made me realize the one word I hate the most: Almost. This word doesn’t sound completely negative. When it first comes to your mind, you might not think much of the word. But if you dig deeper, the word “almost” is quite depressing.

“I almost passed my test”

“He was almost mine”

What do these sentences have in common? You never actually got the thing you were hoping for. How sad is that? This made me reflect about all the times I “almost” reached whatever it was I was trying to get. Why is it that we never successfully reach it?

“Was it me?”

“What did I do wrong?”

But as I reflected on these questions, I came to terms to not blame myself. Maybe it wasn’t the right timing or maybe there’s something better for me in the future. Although it might be hard not to, don’t take it personally. Instead, prove “almost” wrong.

You almost passed your test? Then study harder!

He was almost yours? Then work on yourself and have him wishing he didn’t let you go!

The word “almost” sucks. But I will not let it define me. And I will not let it push me around. I will conquer it.


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