New Year, New Boy??

As New Years Eve was approaching, I was extremely excited. I was excited to dress up with my girls and drink champagne. I was fortunate because half my friends had boyfriends there and the other half didn’t. I’m the type of girl that loves hanging out with my friends and their boyfriends. Even though I’m single, I genuinely enjoy their company. But as the night started there was the temptation of who you’re going to kiss at Midnight. I luckily had some few prospects that wanted to kiss me, so I was happy. But I thought to myself, do I wish I had a boyfriend at this very moment?

The answer was, no.

Although it would be great to have a boyfriend during this time, there wasn’t anyone who I really felt something with. There was no one in the back of my mind thinking “I really want to kiss ____ tonight”. I thought to myself…

“Is that weird? Do I really want to be single right now?”

And I realized, HELL YES. I don’t need a man to make me happy. And until I find someone that truly wins me over, I’m content being single. And once I realized that I had so much fun. I was talking to so many boys, I was able to flirt and not being scared to. I finally felt free. Which sounds weird to say because I’m single but I really felt free. Free from everyone’s judgement, my insecurities, from over thinking… It felt so good.

So, on New Year’s Eve I flirted with all the cute boys. I had fun with my girls and I rang in the New Year by kissing a boy. And it was the best night ever.

But I won’t kiss and tell xxx


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