Two Questions

The Egyptians believed that they were two questions you were asked before you could enter heaven.

Have you found joy in your life?

Has your life brought joy to the lives of others?

When I first heard these two questions.. I got the chills. I got the chills because it’s so true. The first question is the one we think of first. We will do anything to have a happy life. Whether it’s finding joy from a lover or in your career, we want happiness.

But we forget about the second question. Sometimes we’re so caught up in the first question that we forget. We might forget and become greedy or mean. We might even try to find so much joy in our life that it really just makes us and everyone around us unhappy.

But what I realized is that you can’t answer “yes” to the first question if you can’t say “yes” to the second question.

How can you feel fulfillment in your life if you haven’t spread your love or happiness? That’s what’s wrong with the world. We stopped caring about each other and are only worried about ourselves. Well I’m telling you, spread joy. If you can spread joy you will have a type of happiness that you couldn’t feel before.

Feed the hungry, teach a little boy to read, or simply pray for the violence in the world. Something as simple as that is bringing more joy to the world than you can ever imagine. And if we all started feeling like this, well we wouldn’t have to be asked those two questions.

Because.. we would be welcomed by heaven with open arms.


So from day to day, remember those two questions. And I hope you can answer both easily with a “yes”


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