Half the Time

How long do you have to get over an ex??

Well the answer is “half the time you dated for”

For example, my ex boyfriend and I dated for four years… so I have two years to get over him.

The bigger question is… How do I know when I’m over him?

It’s been over two years.. I’ve passed my limit. I’ve liked other guys, hooked up with other guys, but I can’t tell if I’ve moved on.

I’m happy. I’ve become more independent but sometimes he still is on my mind. And it doesn’t help that I still haven’t found a new boy worth my time.

Is it because I’m not over my ex? Or have I just not found the right guy yet?

Although I think about him on occasion.. I believe I am over him.

My friends will tell you I’m a new person. I’m full of life, ready for adventure, and finally putting myself first before anyone.

I think it’s normal to think about your ex once in awhile. If you loved them, how could you just forget about them forever?

I did love him. And a part of me always will because he was my first love. But that doesn’t mean I’m not over him.

I am over him. The reason I know that is because I finally put myself first.. I finally realized that a boy shouldn’t revolve around my whole life. I forgot that. I lost part of me when I was with him. But now I am whole.

Although I like this “half the time you dated” rule, I realized that you don’t need a set time to get over someone. Take all the time it takes. But never give up.

Because one day you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. You will see yourself standing on your own again ready for what life has to bring you next.

And trust me, it will be worth the wait.



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