To Trust or Not to Trust.. That is the Question

I stumbled upon another great quote…

When you fully trust a person without any doubt, you finally get one of the two results:

A person for life or a lesson for life. 

This quote says it all.

People break our hearts and they destroy any trust we had. And sometimes this person will cause us to distrust every next person that comes into our lives.

At one point in my life, I had it all. I was dating this beautiful man for four years. We started dating in high school and kept our relationship going throughout college. But my beautiful man started turning ugly. Not his looks, but by his actions. He started cheating on me and picking fights while we were away from each other. He made me feel worthless and I honestly starting losing my own self worth.

Because it was my first love, I stayed in the relationship. But I was miserable. If he did one nice thing or said one positive thing, I forgot about all the awful things he has done.

Like all bad relationships, it finally ended and I was extremely sad. I thought I would never find someone again and I thought he was the man I was going to marry.

But what I didn’t know was that this was the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

If he didn’t do those awful things to me, I probably would have let him or any other guy keep walking on me like that.. I would still have no self worth and have a miserable life.

But this boy.. this relationship.. taught me a great lesson. This lesson will continue to walk with me throughout my lifetime.

I will no longer let a man treat me that way. I will no longer lose respect for myself. I will always walk away if I man treats me like crap. And I finally will always put myself before anyone else.

And ever since I realized this, I have been a changed woman. I’m happy. I’m independent. I’m confident. And I love my life.

So for any of you who think you’ll never survive after your breakup or losing the trust of a friend, you will be okay. You will be more than okay.

Take everything that happened from that relationship and learn from it. If you can learn from your mistake that mistake will never happen again. I promise you.



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