In one of my classes we had to write a poem about ourselves. I thought it was kind of stupid. But when I finished what I wrote I had this inspiring feeling after. It made me happy to be who I am. I could see my life from what I wrote and all the happy or sad obstacles I dealt with.

If you ever need a happy boost, try writing an “I AM” poem. It might tell you something about yourself that you might have forgotten or didn’t know.

Here’s mine:

I am

I am a dreamer

I am an over thinker

I am someone who cares deeply

I am a grudge holder

I am a loyal friend

I am not perfect

I am a dare devil

I am afraid of the dark

I am loud

I am different

I am determined

I am someone you can depend on

I am emotional

I am whoever I want to be

I am me


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