Always the Friend

What do you do when you love your best friend but he’s in love with another girl?

I have a friend who is my favorite person to hang out with. We can talk for hours, have fun doing anything, and we really just have so much in common.

But he’s in a relationship with a different girl. I really like the girl but she doesn’t treat him right. He is constantly texting me saying she’s acting weird, has hooked up with other guys, and isn’t treating him right.

There was one day when he had an epiphany and said, “she doesn’t treat me right and I do not deserve this.” I thought this was good because he finally isn’t blinded by love.

Since then, we’ve been talking more and just being ourselves when I start to think “maybe he’s over her and maybe I have a chance.”

Until last night when he texted me, “I’m with her right now and I need your advice, you give the best advice.” ….

The best advice? He’s so blinded by this girl that he doesn’t see the one girl who has always been there for him.

That moment I realized, I will always be the friend. No matter how much we have in common and how close we are, I will be the friend and nothing more.

When will I stop being the friend and become the girl? When will I find a boy that sees me more than just a friend? I don’t know.

I’m discouraged and tired of being the friend.

I heard this song… “Dancing on my Own” by Calum Scott

If you are going through the same thing as me, listen to it. That song is exactly how I am feeling inside.


xx Always the friend




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